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Department and Programs

Division of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Course

This course focuses on teaching the basics of mechanical engineering, and is designed to develop engineers with the ability to apply their knowledge and who want to build a career, for example, in the field of designing environmentally friendly machines.

Renewable Energy Course

The course embodies engineering which is in step with the times. With 'renewable energy' as its key word, the course is designed to train engineering leaders for the next generation.

Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

This course, through its on-site training program, intends to produce specialists who excel in their ability to apply their knowledge in the fields of electricity and broadcasting.

Division of Systems and Information Engineering

Information Systems Design Course

This course provides integrated training in computer science to students who want to build careers as software specialists, systems engineers, and system integrators. Through the program, students are expected to learn to think from a broader perspective and design and create things that serve society.

Ergonomics Course

The course aims at training future engineers who will be able to play an active role in a new global sphere where engineering is combined with brain science. The course's practical program is designed for future engineers and also provides a place for health professionals to further improve their skills.

Division of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Architecture Course

This course is to train future engineers with integrated skills ranging from design to construction. The program provides the necessary knowledge to assure security and reliability for buildings and make a comfortable living environment.

Civil Engineering Course

With our sights on a style of urban development which takes into account the global environment, this course is designed to foster engineers who can construct a social infrastructure in which a safe, secure, comfortable life can be lived.

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